Exp 4 - 11 Years


  • The candidate should have experience in digital application development, enterprise application development, cloud-native technologies, and prototype development approaches
  • Ability to collaborate with the delivery manager for  creating POC hypotheses, test plans, and plan DIA methodology stages
  • Should design and document technical delivery requirements and experiments for validating the hypotheses
  • Ability to communicate and assist stakeholders in defining and breaking down the work into small and focused increments
  • Ability to execute and support technology development and delivery of POC projects on both internal and external teams
  • Work closely with functional departments and sponsors for execution, delivery, and implementation of POC technology
  • Should conduct root cause analysis and retrospective activities 
  • Ability to establish working partnerships with internal product and platform development teams
  • Should be an innovation accelerator in the development of existing platforms or solutions
  • Ability to acquire knowledge related to emerging technologies 
  • Should create and maintain architectural documentation following architecture community recommendations or standards as applicable
  • Able to provide delivery metrics for dashboards and other observatory reports
  • Should possess a passion for continuous learning of new digital technologies
  • Good verbal/written communication skills with the ability to work in large teams and interact with other teams
  • Should have good interpersonal and problem-solving skills